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LINK at the Market - Galesburg Only

LINK at the Market

New to using LINK at the Galesburg Farmers Market?

We're here to help!

1) Figure out how much you would like to spend.

2) Come to the Galesburg Farmers Market booth.

3) We'll run your LINK card and issue you vouchers to spend with the vendors.

4) We'll match up to $25! If you spend up to $25 in LINK, we'll give you an additional $25 in LINK Match to spend on fruits and vegetables.


So if you'd like $20 in LINK, we'll give you $40 total!

If you'd like $25, we'll give you $50!


LINK Details

LINK Vouchers can be spent on LINK eligible goods at the market.

LINK Match Coupons can only be spent on fruits and vegetables. 

Coupons and vouchers are not redeemable for cash or change.

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